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System & Data Integration

Your company is a network of facilities in different countries. The facilities are using various IT systems, communication tools, languages and data formats in managing customer order progress, delivery dates, logistic order status etc. To improve efficiency and cost, your company wants to centralize the order management and customer support communication in one centralized headquarter function.

We can support such an initiative in integrating various systems into one front-end solution, establish automated electronic data interchange (EDI), standardize and consolidate system data traffic across facilities into one system. We can set up automated customer status reports and customized KPI Director Dashboards for efficient and visualized process evaluation and management.

Workflow Management

There is a critical and complex business workflow in your company, which involves multiple teams and responsibilites. Along the workflow, formal documentation of certain legal content is mandatory. The process is defined in a standart work document. However, there is no supporting IT solution. So, responsible teams are deviating from the process. In case of absence of involved people, the status of workflows is unknown. The management does not always know the status of started workflows. Efficiency and other KPIs can not be measured and analyzed.

We can develop workflow guidance solutions that guardrail adherence, make KPIs measurable, provide status information to teams and management based on roles, and that can store and relate documents at peoples fingertips.

Custom Tailored Solutions

Your company analyzed a critical business process to identify efficiency improvement opportunities. The results are very specific to the current operating model and there was no standart IT solution found on the market that fits the need of your company in order to initiate measures to achive improvements according to the analyses. A "best-fit" highly customized solution is needed that involves data management, automated data EDI integration including other systems like SAP and Oracle. A KPI Dashboard is required to provide trend visualization of the scoped fields of improvement.

We can support these unique needs and support with an integrated combination of EDI, dashboard, trend analyses, documentation, workflow solution that is tailored to highly specific problems.

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